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Saturday June 4th 2022

Show times: Early Show 12:00, Late Show 3:00


West Bloomfield High School

4925 Orchard Lake Rd

West Bloomfield Township, MI 48323

Admission: All guests (including parents) must purchase a ticket. Complimentary tickets for families who have dancers in multiple shows will be provided as long as a set of tickets for one show has been purchased.


Photos: Group and individual photos will be at the studio the week of May 23. Photo purchases are optional. If you would like to participate in photo week the cost is $20 per dancer. No flash photography or videography will be allowed during the performances. Flashes interfere with the proper functioning of the video equipment and are a danger to the dancers. 

Video: The shows will be professionally filmed. Video orders can be placed at the studio, at dress rehearsal, or in the theatre lobby before, during, and after the shows. Videos will be mailed approximately 4 weeks after the show. Our videographer is Let's See That Again and he can accept cash or checks made payable to cash.   

For the safety of the dancers and comfort of the audience, videotaping of the recital by guests is NOT ALLOWED, nor is flash photography. This includes (but is not limited to) video/cameras, tablets, smartphones, etc. Please note that you are accepting responsibility for adherence to this policy for every guest you are purchasing a ticket for. Anyone seen by our ushers or other guests taping or taking flash photos or videos will be asked to cease and desist. If it continues, they will be asked to leave the auditorium. If necessary, we will halt the show until the situation is resolved. Also, we prohibit the use of electronic devices (anything that emits a glowing screen, flash or noise).  Everyone wants to enjoy watching their children without distractions. Please be respectful and polite. If you need to text or take a phone call, please excuse yourself and go to the lobby. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please Note: If you would like to video record, or take pictures of your dancer on stage, we happily invite you to do so at the Dress Rehearsal. But note that there may be activity in the background as that is the time that we use to set the stage and make sure we are prepared for the big day! 

Backstage Protocol: We request parents to remain in the audience during the shows. Dedicated Adult dressing room supervision for each class of younger dancers will be provided. They will handle costume changes, etc. Dancers are NOT allowed in the audience at any time during the performance of their show. Parents may collect their dancers in the dressing rooms after the finale. We request parents to equip the younger dancers with coloring books and crayons, as well as crackers and "clear" drinks to occupy their time backstage.

  • All younger dancers will share the big dressing room next to the stage.  Older dancers will use the downstairs Dressing Rooms. Assignments will be posted next to each dressing room door.

  • Items to bring: bobby pins, hair ties, safety pins, makeup, comb/brush, hair spray, baby powder (for itchy sequins), costumes, headpieces, other costume accessories, tights/socks and clean dance shoes.

  • Please refer to your instructor if there is specific information regarding make-up, hair, shoes, tights, etc. Otherwise please follow the instructions from the information packet provided.

  • We will have a sign-in/sign-out at the Dressing Room Door for the Early and Late Shows. THE GUARDIAN WHO DROPS THE DANCER OFF MUST BE THE ONE TO PICK THEIR DANCER UP UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED! FOR SAFETY WE WILL NOT RELEASE YOUR DANCER TO ANYONE NOT ON OUR LIST. Please be patient at time of pick up. It will be busy backstage, and we will work as quickly as we can to dismiss each child so please send only the guardian picking up the child to the dressing room to cut down on the size of the crowd waiting for pick up.  

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